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 Post subject: Off Topic Room FAQ
PostPosted: Thu Sep 19, 2013 8:09 am 
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Off Topic Room FAQ

Q. What is the Off Topic Room?

A. The Off Topic Room is a special forum to discuss things that aren’t related to one of the many message boards. If your topic would fit in another forum, post it there. A good example of something you would post here would be a thread about a TV show, which is a legitimate topic but doesn’t fit in the other forums. Anything that would be considered off-topic in another section of these message boards probably belongs here, in the Off Topic Room.

Q. What threads or posts are appreciated in the Rec Room?

A. This might be answered better asking…

Q. What is NOT appreciated?

A. While there is no true ‘theme’ or ‘topic’ for the Rec Room, there are still plenty of rules. When thinking about posting in the Rec Room, keeping in mind these facts:

The message board Code of Conduct is applied in the Off Topic Room, just like the rest of the website. If your topic violates the Code of Conduct, it does not belong in the Rec Room.
Topics that belong more appropriately in other sections of the message boards do not belong in the Rec Room.
Threads that are duplicates of other preexisting, and active threads are not allowed in the Rec Room.

Q. Am I allowed to discuss issues pertaining to my life?

A. Yes, you can freely discuss issues dealing with your own life, as long as they do not involve issues that violate the Code of Conduct. Remember, like other places on the internet, you are sharing details of your life with strangers. Use caution and common sense when sharing parts of your life that might be sensitive or personal, like your name, contact information, and other details.

Q. Is this the place to talk about the Code of Conduct or boards behavior?

A. No, the Rec Room is not the place to talk about these issues, the proper place to discuss such things is the Metaboard.

Q. Can i discuss Religion and or Politics here?

A. Yes, but please keep in mind that people have deep convictions on both subjects, and there are very few objective facts concerning either topic, only subjective opinions. Threads about religion and politics can lead to posters becoming agitated as well as arguing with or flaming each other. Threads dealing with those subjects will be watched very closely, as they can erupt into flame wars quite easily.

A Beginner’s Guide
General Information and Board Etiquette

How important is spelling and grammar?
Proper spelling and grammar are important, to a degree. It becomes hard to read a post if the spelling and grammar are poor. If a post is hard to read, it is likely that fewer community members will be willing to read the post and make sense of it all, which means that the likelihood of you having your thread responded to lessens. Not everyone has a PhD in English, and everyone makes mistakes. If you aren't confident in your English skills, don’t fret. Most community members are nice people, and will do their best to help you. In the end, it is important to remember that usage of proper spelling and grammar is not indicative of intelligence, or anything of that sort.

Can I necro/bump old threads for posting?
Yes, you can, but here are some guidelines you should follow if doing so:
Do not post in old threads for no reason. If all you’re going to say is “bump”, there is no reason to post in the thread.
If the topic is irrelevant, outdated, or has been solved, don’t post in it.
Make sure you make a meaningful contribution to the thread.

Can I write in any color I want, any size, etc.?
Using BBC Codes, you can post your messages in a variety of font styles, font sizes, and colors. Notice, however, that posting in fonts, sizes and colors that make it difficult to read are likely to get less positive attention by most community members. As such, it is important to keep in mind that, while you can customize your font size, font color, and other portions of your message, making things simpler for readers gives them more time to concentrate on your actual post, rather than trying to read your actual post.

Ok, I’ve reported a post/thread…Should I post in it?
This depends on the nature of the post/thread that you reported. If the thread itself is inherently against the CoC (A thread dedicated specifically to illegal activities, for example), then no, it is not a good idea to post in this thread. Report it, and call it a day. Posting in such a thread, even to notify the poster/others that the thread is against the CoC can be considered spam, disruption or baiting, depending on what you say and how you say it. By doing so, you also are keeping the thread near the top of the active threads for the section, and are increasing the likelihood that more spam develops. If the thread itself is not against the CoC, and there is only a single post, or multiple posts, that violate the CoC, report this/these posts, but do not respond to them. If you are reporting them because you believe they violate the CoC, it is likely that any responses you have can start/further fuel a flame war. If you are responding in the thread to posts that are not violating the CoC, feel free.

Dark Lord of All

The Code Of Conduct

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