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 Post subject: Grave Shenanigans
PostPosted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 10:07 pm 
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This is actually an update to a deck I had built shortly after Eldritch Moon released. The basic premise of the deck is unchanged, but the original build didn't run enough creatures to actually do what it was intended to do. I'm not sure if I ever actually posted my original build here, as I can't find it. The update includes adding two Partner Commanders to open up the option of having a 98 card deck to play out of instead of 99.

Intended Commander: Sidisi, Brood Tyrant

Alternate Commanders: Ikra Shidiqi, the Usurper and Silas Renn, Seeker Adept

The Other 97

The deck is designed to play from the graveyard, for the most part. Any mill effect that targets is aimed at myself, preferably when I have Sidisi out. Phyrexian Altar and Extractor Demon can get me near-infinite mana as long as Sidisi is out. But it's also a time consuming process to make sure I get everything right, so I don't start going for infinite mana until I have Laboratory Maniac in hand or a way to get him back from the graveyard. And a way to draw a card while my library is empty. Preferably at instant speed, in case somebody manages to scrounge up the mana necessary to try to kill the Maniac. But the Maniac is not the only intended win-con. I actually prefer to beat down with an army of Zombie tokens that have flying (thanks to Wonder in the graveyard) and/or trample (thanks to Brawn in the graveyard). Mazirek was one of the cards added to the deck, in an attempt to make swinging for lethal more plausible (sac tokens created from the Altar + Extractor combo, get lots of +1/+1 counters for the ones that can attack). Tempest Caller was added to replace a noncreature card that I used as a redundancy to Torrent Elemental's attack trigger. Spell Swindle replaced Plasm Capture (I like the option of waiting about using my mana instead of needing to use it right away). I think the original build had more basic land tutors, but then I added more nonbasics so those seemed pointless. But at least that made for easy cards to take out to put in stuff like Mazirek, Ramunap Exacavator, and Vulturous Zombie. The original build was also fairly light on multicolor stuff (literally only had Sidisi, Ascendancy, Charm, Mimeoplasm, Amalgam, Gitrog, Plasm Capture and Rakshasa Vizier in the initial build), so I took the opportunity to fix that (sort of; doubling the number of multicolor cards counts as fixing that, right?).

Overall, I have fun with this deck. My opponents don't, though. Cause I basically make Rube Goldberg machines out of my decks. :incognito:

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