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[Standard] Mono White
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Author:  thedevilwuster [ Tue Jan 29, 2019 9:31 am ]
Post subject:  [Standard] Mono White

Once again the meta in MTG: Arena is being dominated by RDW. Cheap to build and easy to pilot I suppose. I'm not a paper player but I assume FNM is full of these also along with Esper Control.
While not full of as much lifegain as you would think it would need to keep the chops on RDW it's a consistent answer.
The only change I've made with the new set is mainboarding in two Angelic Exaltation in place of the two Haazda Marshals because hitting with a 9/9 Healer Hawk when you have a couple Resplendent Angel's out is lols.
I know, I know, the sideboard looks a little wacky. It is for if I'm feeling I can get away with it I will play the Paladin meme.
Paladin with Squire's Devotion, equip with Wand and tap and ping for infinite damage.

Big Love:

2 x Leonin Warleader
3 x Luminous Bonds
23 x Plains
4 x Resplendent Angel
2 x Conclave Tribunal
3 x Healer's Hawk
2 x Shalai, Voice of Plenty
4 x Ajani's Pridemate
4 x Moment of Triumph
4 x Benalish Marshal
2 x Tocatli Honor Guard
3 x History of Benalia
2 x Lyra Dawnbringer
2 x Angelic Exaltation

1 x Conclave Tribunal
1 x Cleansing Nova
1 x The Immortal Sun
3 x Famished Paladin
3 x Squire's Devotion
3 x Sorcerer's Wand
1 x Angelic Exaltation
2 x Haazda Marshal

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