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Author:  serenechaos [ Sun Mar 03, 2019 11:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Solidarity

3 x Snapcaster Mage
3 x Opt
4 x Mystical Teachings

4 x Growth Spiral
1 x Natural Connection

2 x Dictate of Karametra
4 x Reality Spasm
2 x Blue Sun's Zenith
1 x Nexus of Fate

4 x Remand
4 x Cryptic Command
1 x Abrupt Decay
2 x Fatal Push
1 x Spell Snare

4 x Polluted Delta
4 x Misty Rainforest
3 x Breeding Pool
3 x Watery Grave
2 x Overgrown Tomb
3 x Island
3 x Forest
2 x Swamp

Was working on UG Green Tide with Dictate instead of Heartbeat, then tried to force it to be Solidarity, and then my friend suggested I steal from the BUG Mystical Teachings/Wilderness deck. So what we end up with is a Mystical toolbox/control shell that ramps up to an EOT Dictate and then combos into a lethal USZ. Being entirely instant speed means that 1) everything can be found by Teachings and 2) you can combo off at any time.

Reality Spasm is better in almost every way than Early Harvest. Early Harvest is better mana, but Spasm is even at 2 lands and net gain after that. And it can be used defensively if you need to tap down your opponent's lands before going off, or stall a board of attackers. It can also untap your nonbasics and even your Snapcasters in case there's ever a niche case where that's relevant.

Author:  TPmanW [ Sun Mar 03, 2019 11:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Solidarity

The art on the Snapcaster Mage just looks so good. I have a hard time convincing myself that the borderless card is actually the same size as the other card images. Sorry, I know it's not relevant, but I couldn't think about anything else.

I do like the idea of flashing in a Dictate of Karametra the turn before the kill spell though. That's just awesome.

That Snapcaster though.

Edit- Does my card tag for just "Snapcaster" get a different image than my one for "Snapcaster Mage", or is that a glitch on my end.

Author:  UselessCommon [ Wed Mar 06, 2019 1:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Solidarity

No Solidarity, though. Zero outta five.

Dictate's Flash + Teachings synergy? Clever. Very clever.

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