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 Post subject: BG Tortured Existence
PostPosted: Tue Mar 10, 2020 1:43 pm 
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So after my friend absolutely deformed the Sultai version he bought from me into something utterly unplayable for me with Gray Merchant of Asphodel, some kind of black enchantment creature from Theros Beyond Death, and Hapless Researcher, I decided that I really should build my own Tortured Existence so I have something resembling a control deck instead of borrowing that mess.

My annoyance may be presented with hyperbole there, but I try to be objective with card choices. The list is based off of the Tolarian Community College list from a year or so ago, with some exceptions:

Witch's Cottage for a bit of extra recursion.

Barren Moor over Tranquil Thicket.

Main deck Caustic Caterpillar because a good number of answers to Spore Frog are actually artifacts or enchantments (though removal itself is still an issue).

No Elvish Visionary because Horror of the Broken Lands does its drawing power for less mana and has extra utility as a beater late game.

Undertaker because it works with any card in hand and also because it can be retrieved from the graveyard with Tortured Existence in response to Tortured Existence being removed.

Thoughtpicker Witch to Fateseal opponent and buy time; better than Carrion Feeder in my experience.

2-2 Split of Seals in the side for diggable but somewhat instant timing removal/disruption.

Basic gameplan is to survive until I have about five to seven mana before going hard on the Dredge toolbox and locking them out while grinding their life total away. If all else fails, Battlefield Scrounger and Thoughtpicker Witch can turn the list into a pseudo Turbo Fog.

But enough theorycrafting: any critical criticism is welcome.

3 Golgari Rot Farm
3 Barren Moor
1 Bojuka Bog
4 Forest
7 Swamp
1 Witch's Cottage
4 Jungle Hollow
1 Battlefield Scrounger
2 Perilous Myr
3 Spore Frog
1 Satyr Wayfinder
1 Caustic Caterpillar
2 Crypt Rats
1 Horror of the Broken Lands
2 Stinkweed Imp
1 Fume Spitter
1 Undertaker
2 Thoughtpicker Witch
1 Tilling Treefolk
4 Golgari Brownscale
2 Gurmag Angler
2 Grave Scrabbler
4 Tortured Existence
3 Vessel of Nascency
4 Commune with the Gods
SB: 1 Spore Frog
SB: 1 Crypt Rats
SB: 2 Mesmeric Fiend
SB: 1 Faceless Butcher
SB: 2 Faerie Macabre
SB: 1 Entourage of Trest
SB: 2 Seal of Primordium
SB: 2 Seal of Doom
SB: 2 Gnaw to the Bone
SB: 1 Chainer's Edict


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