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PostPosted: Fri Nov 20, 2020 12:42 am 

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So, technically, one might argue this should go in constructed and what have you, but... y'know, I'd like people to actually SEE the thread.
Besides, my approach isn't purely mechanical. I build theme decks, which means it fits right in for Art and Flavor.

I've been brewing two decks for ages, but I'm just not seeing any progress anymore. I'm stumped, and given that, then I thought maybe I'd just outsource the project a bit.

The two decks in question are related to one another: Greven and Volrath. Since they got new cards in Commander, I've been trying to do something with them, but I'm having a hell of a time, in part because I won't use old frames mixed with new ones. You can imagine that's caused me some problems. Beyond that, choosing basic lands that tonally and aesthetically fit has been cumbersome. About the only land that didn't give me issues was the Dominaria Swamp depicting the Stronghold in Urborg. However, choosing islands, mountains and ESPECIALLY forests has been confounding. The decks as they stand are thus.

1 x Volrath, the Shapestealer
4 x stronghold confessor
2 x Thrull Surgeon
3 x Trespasser il-vec
2 x Infiltrator il-kor
1 x Stronghold Overseer
4 x Forced Adaptation
3 x Neoform
1 x Jar of Eyeballs
1 x Evolution Vat
4 x Grim Affliction
3 x Biogenic Upgrade
1 x Stolen Identity

Naturally none of the numbers are final, but it's just the pool of cards I'm working with at the moment. I'm at a minor loss at how to develop or sharpen up the deck. I definitely need more creatures, particularly as shadow shows up pretty frequently.

1 x Greven, Predator Captain
1 x Predator, Flagship
3 x Mogg Fanatic
3 x Mogg War Marshal
4 x Mogg Flunkies
2 x Trespasser il-vec
4 x Cutthroat il-dal
2 x Haze of Rage
2 x Grapeshot
2 x Empty the Warren
2 x Hijack
2 x Flowstone Blade
2 x Stronghold Discipline

This one at least has a much tighter identity, but it's just not full as of yet.

And as mentioned above, any suggestions on which basic lands people think would aesthetically fit, I'd be interested in hearing.

At twilight's end, the shadow's crossed / a new world birthed, the elder lost.
Yet on the morn we wake to find / that mem'ry left so far behind.
To deafened ears we ask, unseen / "Which is life and which the dream?"

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