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What is Magic: Expanded Multiverse?

The Magic: Expanded Multiverse (M:EM) project is open to everyone. All M:EMbers of the group are allowed and encouraged to voice their opinions on current and past projects, to vote to accept new works into the archive, and to submit their own works to the M:EM.

What can I find here?

The M:EM has two goals: to create an expanded universe set within the Magic: the Gathering multiverse without contradicting Official material; and to preserve Official material that cannot be found digitally. To that extent, you will find both completely fan-created stories set within the rules of the Magic: the Gathering multiverse, as well as extensions of known material, such as stories based around cards that were never expanded upon in Official materials.

While Works that have already been accepted are posted to the Archives, everything else is stored in this singular forum. As such, we ask politely that anyone looking to make a new thread include a tag or two to clearly communicate its purpose, such as [Voting], [Worldbuilding], or [Story]. This helps keep the project organized when we have multiple projects or business discussions running at once.

As this board is oriented towards creating material, off-topic conversation and general chatting about Magic is probably best taken to one of the other Magic boards or to the Off Topic Room. If you have questions about the art or storyline of Magic, check out Art, Flavor, & Storylines.

Mature content (explicit violence and sex) within stories will not be immediately deleted, but the more explicit it is, the more you will need to justify it artistically. The rules about what material you include are somewhat looser here, but are by no means totally lifted. And, of course, explicit content posted for the sake of baiting or trolling, or posted outside of the context of a work, is going to be treated just as it normally would on any other board.

Who leads this project?

The M:EM is officially lead by the M:EMperor, who is responsible for the maintaining the project as a whole and deciding on its short and long term goals. The M:EMperor also has the power to delegate any of his or her duties to other members of the M:EM by creating new positions for them to fill. If for whatever reason someone is unwilling or incapable of fulfilling the position assigned to them it falls on the M:EMperor to either perform the duties himself thereby abolishing the position or to find someone new for the position. The position of M:EMperor is currently held by M:EMber Barinellos.

As a supplement to the M:EMperor, the Archivist is responsible the compilation, organization, and maintenance of the Archives. This includes adding any newly voted in material to the Archives, adding the appropriate tags, and placing the work in the correct location if applicable. To perform these duties the M:EM Archivist account has been given moderater powers over the M:EM and Art, Flavor & Storylines forums. The M:EM Archivist account information is shared among a select few voting M:EMbers, at the discretion of the Archivist, to ensure the account can be recovered should the current Archivist be unable to perform his/her duties. The position of Archivist is currently held by M:EMber Lord LunaEquie is me (also known as Its_Always_42).

So what are the Archives?

The Archives are everything that the M:EM creates. The index of the Archives should be marked for your ease of understanding. When you submit something to the project, you can determine a lot of the marks applied to the characters, planes, and other bits in the story that become part of the M:EM's Canon.
Symbols used

Voting Rules

List of Current Voting M:EMbers

List of Inactive M:EMbers

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