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So I've been wondering about fighting the Inspired in an Eberron campaign. One of the big issues I'm concerned about is the inspired picking up on the group's plans from seeing dreams from Dal'Quor.

I thought I'd make a sort of list of stuff to help fight the Quo'ri that can be useful for a party, and particularly focus on ways characters can avoid needing to sleep or you can have party members that don't need sleep, or perhaps ways to protect your dreams from detection while sleeping.

Kalashtar are noted first, because while they sleep, they don't dream, and they are the natural enemies of the dreaming dark.

Can't sleep:
Elves: Elves can't sleep, they 'trance' instead, given 4th ed Eberron's implications of their origins, this is likely due partly to their fey outsider ancestry, perhaps being from a plane that sometimes had poor connections to Dal'Quor, or perhaps at some point in the distant past had a war with it or something.

Elan(XPH): Elan have the same ability as elves, but there may be an issue, as their origins in Eberron involve having Quo'ri criminals sealed in them, and it's unclear if those criminals might be able to communicate with nearby quo'ri or something

Warforged: Warforged don't sleep or dream, they don't even need to trance like elves do, unfortunately, like Elan there may be a potential issue, as they were originally created by the previous generation of Quo'ri (at least the old versions were), so it is possible that the quo'ri may be able to discover something that would give them some kind of advantage over warforged unexpectedly

Other constructs: Normal constructs do not need to sleep, although play-ability is in question, and in Eberron, it is highly likely that lore-wise, intelligent ones are based on the same stuff as warforged

Elemental: Elementals don't eat, breathe or sleep, while playability is in question, sometimes there are ways to gain elemental type through prestige classes and such, and this has less problems than construct type brought into question

Ooze: Ooze's don't sleep, although I don't know of any playable ones and the only prestige class to become an Ooze I can think of I'm not sure was ever properly updated for 3.5 in an official manner

Outsiders: regular (?) outsiders don't need to sleep, but may do so if they wish, however, native outsiders do need to sleep, and the whole thing comes into question with the differences in the outsider mechanics and lore in Eberron, again, play-ability in question

Plants: plants don't sleep, again, play-ability in question, although there may be a prestige class or template or two to gain plant type

Undead: Don't sleep, but this isn't particularly useful for most PCs... other than that they can potentially turn intelligent undead against the quo'ri with some clever politicking or something, a conflict between the lich Vol and the Dreaming Dark may be beneficial to the PCs if they can orchestrate such

Deathless: Don't sleep. Would be more useful than undead if it weren't for the fact that pretty much all deathless in Eberron are based on elves anyway, still, the Undying Court may be potentially the most powerful organization that can plot against the Quo'ri with a party, may be a very good choice for an elf character to have the Right of Counsel feat

Becoming sleepless:
Wakeful Mind(Faiths of Eberron): a construct graft, it is based on warforged tech, so may have issues depending on how the campaign works out much like warforged could, also penalizes knowledge checks and has typical graft issues, so not to be used on your party's knowledge character, nice in that it also grants stunning immunity

Prestige Classes-
Tattooed Monk(Complete Warrior): the 'ocean' tattoo removes the need to sleep

Quori Mindhunter(Magic of Eberron): Perhaps the most flavorful and fitting option for such a campaign, and one of their 1st level abilities removes the need for sleep and grants immunity to sleep effects

Renegade Mastermaker(Magic of Eberron): Has same potential issues as warforged, this is essentially just becoming a warforged, and it's the capstone ability, so potential issues on the way there

Elemental Savant(Complete Arcane): elemental type as part of capstone ability, likely a safer route than mastermaker due to lacking the warforged risk, gains immunity to sleep earlier, but it doesn't remove the need to sleep

Green Star Adept(Complete Arcane): probably needs adaptation for Eberron, I suspect it would wind up being something along the lines of a Siberys adept, since Siberys shards are the closest things to Starmetal in Eberron, lack of need for sleep comes at 7th level, more likely than other construct transformation type tricks to not have the potential warforged issues

Bonded Summoner(Miniatures Handbook): Again as a capstone ability, although gains immunity to sleep effects at 3rd level, that doesn't remove the need for sleep


That is all I can think of for now, anyone else have any contributions?

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