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Pokemon Tabletop Adventures: Worldwide!
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Author:  Dozzlet [ Tue Apr 12, 2016 3:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Pokemon Tabletop Adventures: Worldwide!

Kalos Adventures!
Before we go anywhere, Pokemon and Character Sheets, as well as the ORAS update are here: ... Adventures
There's also a checklist for pokemon if you want to log every one you catch, that's up to you!
If you're unfamiliar with the character creation, I can help on an individual level but the creating section of the PTA website,, should still be up to date. For players familiar with the system, you should know how to create characters but I can still help.
You can pick your own starter, but run it by me and if it's too rare or whatnot, it's a no unless you have it incorporated into your backstory and your backstory makes sense for the world we're in. Present me with your character story, your in character type color, and most importantly, your stats and the likes so I can have them logged down for myself. You start with 2000 Poke to buy items, which is another up-to-date part of the PTA website, and that's something to put in there as well!

And this last part is just a reminder bit, remember base relations when creating your pokemon. The highest base stat must always be the highest, the second highest must always be second highest, and so on, the nature bonus included. I can help on a more personal level if you need that!

Let's present the run-down of the game.

This game will start in the Kalos region. Kalos has gone through somewhat of a rebirth in recent years, with gyms popping up in every town, old gym leaders being replaced by new, more powerful ones, and a new Elite 4 and Champion. The Battle Chateau has also picked up some heat, with travelers from all over the world arriving. This includes the new Kalos League Champion, Nakamura (who is entirely based on Shinsuke Nakamura, the pro-wrestler). Nakamura is a very flamboyant, charismatic guy. There's something about him that's captivating, as well as dangerous. He took over the Chateau in almost every way through defeating every trainer they had there, achieving Grand Duke status while being the Pokemon League Champion. He still travels the region when League tournaments aren't in place, scouting trainers to see what they're capable of.

This party arrives in Lumiose City through the airport as travelers, unknowing that they'll end up a group. What secrets does this reborn Kalos region have? You're sure to find out as you start your journey in the heart of Kalos!

Include in your backstory why you've come to Kalos!

After Kalos, we will move to another region of the party's choosing! Sun and Moon may or may not be out by then so I will say Alola is a possibility.

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