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Dominaria draft thread
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Author:  UselessCommon [ Sat Apr 14, 2018 5:21 am ]
Post subject:  Dominaria draft thread

Tried a non-gameplay draft simulator of Dominaria. So, at least in theory, ESPER LEGENDARY CONTROL IS HEAVILY RIDICULOUS.

You get Gideon's Reproach, Blessed Light, Deep Freeze, Syncopate, Eviscerate, Vicious Offering, Seal Away, Settle the Score, and Cast Down for just common and uncommon efficent control !

All archetype legends of the shard work amazing together! You have four kinds of Legendary sorceries in your colors, and they are all playable ! You get a Propoganda legend, and a 5/4 black self-reanimator, and a Legendary Confiscate, and some of the best 2-drops in draft, and more, and more...
And if a color is heavily cut, odds are, you can just play this strategy in other two colors !

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