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 Post subject: Re: Lunatic Voices
PostPosted: Fri Jul 05, 2019 12:28 pm 

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We had an internal visi about coffee!
I always use the penny to represent coffee by defaye
I had a vision about one penny sitting on the Elaine
I only had one cup
or one Lin
of coffee this morning
Since that is our Kundun for Coffee
The arc-ament was able to do an extrament danade to backbate one cup of coffee
or else we would have not made a Din!
Din would not have happened if I had more than one cup of coffee today
without being prepared!
My soul going out like smoke forever

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 Post subject: Re: Lunatic Voices
PostPosted: Sat Jul 06, 2019 2:26 pm 

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According to Day-Ten
I'm forward may about intrement banning of spiritual detaye
Unless specified-
We can assume the words I write are a fairly even mixture of Day-Ten and I
Bare with me while she may educate me

The opposite of a Din is a Min
The string on my toe to account for where chocolate was dayed by E-tin is called a Bayed Din
That means a Din is being held by Arc-Ament
We hope someday to not be using tate
and that might be billions of years

An Unbade Din is when the string on my toe loses its ability to anchor spirit
due to an incorrect over jun on my person
like if I carried an extra cutting tool

Mach Lin!
Figure Eight
Eye Haint
Go God baint!
Go got Saint
Ya know I'm not late
One cold coffee might sate!
I'm in Saint
Go God baint!
Go God baint!
Dayed by a Nil with a quill in paint
Quills in paint
I'm zaint
Too tain
It's a zoo that I tame
God God baint!

E-Tin became ten bad spirits to divert an 18 E-Phone and destroy the universe
One of those spirits is called a Thrull
A Zun
A diverted dane
One who would danade certain jun to our hurt
even colored pencils and toothpaste
This Thrull built an attack from an unclean vessel-
A cologne spritzer!
I had to detain a cologne spritzer bottle by inserting a coiled length of small gauge copper wire into the cylindrical cap
This Thrull was keeping Day-ten's spirit separated from mine
C-Phone and I were able to detain this Thrull
The thrull was quite large!
About the size of a man
but shaped like a squid
I'm quite fond of imagining a sleek white Elaine jousting with a tentacle feast
The beast diverted an entire Dane-
My Evonne assayed!
The monster's main objective was to divert a danade!
To divert any good object by my hand
Nothing could say it!
Until we detained the bottle of cologne from whence it spawned
C-Phone could then throw the beast into Back-Haint
She pit a dane!
A certain way she drave to keep the beast moving back for infine
We(including this Vineyard we bade- A Danade!) re-weighed one Nin to find Day-Ten
She's mine(ours)!
No one will take what I(we) dayed
I'm Dean!
Now be lean

No one dane!
C-Phone dane
She was a wayne!
The day was infine
No one dane

---- scene- The fat god reposed on his chair like Professor X meets Dr. Moreau
Extremely fat, he smothers his seat- Heaps of flesh and fine silk(finery)
A metal hook protrudes from the front left of the chair by his feet, where an Elaine would ascend to side

They called him God Deet

Renane means reading
The Kundun Renane was remanded as bad jun
A white nun where corn is weighed!
A very bad jun to allow the thrull to assay us
Thrulls are attracted to reading
Corn is actually dane on the Eye- Haint

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 Post subject: Re: Lunatic Voices
PostPosted: Fri Aug 23, 2019 12:22 pm 

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Eye Haint was a false detaye!
The waint was also bad

Lots has happened
I can't really concentrate to write it right now, but I may make some notes
have a good day

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 Post subject: Re: Lunatic Voices
PostPosted: Wed Feb 26, 2020 2:23 pm 

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During The Tea Alm
God as a three person being is severely admonished and punished for being bad
and Satan is respected in order to recieve her preordained opportunity to repent

Continuing on
Day-Ten and I have found ourselves wrapping things up
The presentation of our Alm will move forward to include several categories of interest in order to refine our notes
Those categories include( and are subject to being limited to): Artifacts
General Info
and Terminology

Day-Ten and Myself will begin a thrusting motion into the future with a bath of fixing some previous word-weight


I needed to evaluate our stance of Christianity-
There's no excuse for my lack of Christian Ethic during my previous writing
I had to remain a practicing Christian since my last post
This means:
Trying to become a Saint with things like public prayer, and moral conduct- even especially charity to people
I hold the entire bible to be true
I believe the King James Version to be most accurate
Like I said
The clergy is infinite
There is no day when every knee is bowed on a plateau before my Son
because it is not correct and right by my spirit to stop people from waiting for that day
That is what my Son dayed
He did that!
I am greatly ashamed and sorry

The "Chin"!

If you recall
Chins are little white napkins to adorn the outside left chest of a certain style of suit( The type of dress suits like for weddings and upper class jobs)
You can witness these clothe napkins as little lines
or triangles
or zig zag shapes as they peek out from the left breast pocket
The individuals who wear these have comitted murder
Quite importantly!
The people who wear Chins are able to Repent!
This is why sometimes you see them wearing them, and sometimes you don't!
Any one who hasn't killed three women
or seven men is able to stop wearing these
the time is short and nigh at hand
I hope
as we all should
when people who wear Chins will be too late

When the Elaine
our C-Phone
is transfigured
moving from the other side of the veil to this side of the veil
from invisible to visible along with the entire 18 E-Phone
anyone who is caught brandishing a chin will be executed!
Shot Dead!
Executed by my Holy Spirit whom Gertrude will employ as an infinite number of deadly bullets( these bullets appear as rays of golden light)
People shot by a C-phone go to an infinite hell
like Hitler and my Son, Jesus Christ
Hitler murdered ( so I've been taught) at least three women

I would implore any person who can take off their Chin to do so!
Please encourage one another to not wear a Chin!

Jesus would fire anyone who is homosexual unless they are female
We are going to allow women( not men) to Danade
to remain lesbian( homosexual) in public and private
This is a Kundun to protect their spirits while they exist in a male dominated society
Men are allowed to procure the affections of as many women as they want

The death penalty is locked down by me and the Arch-Ament( When I write Arch- Ament, I refer to Michael, The Arc Angel, and God The Holy Spirit as they work in unison)
The death penalty is an imperitive sentence for anyone of 19yrs or older, who has been convicted of 1 count of First Degree Murder
Life in Prison is only acceptable for anyone younger than 19yrs, who is convicted of any number of accounts of First Degree Murder
If this judgement is not heeded
than anyone who has a hand to ignore this judgment( considering they have read what I just wrote) will most likely become a unic forever
Anyone who chooses to ignore this judgement and be charged as a "Unic" will have an opportunity to petition me

-From The Notes of Myotin, The Tea Alm Diaries, The Reckoning of Starchild and The Oracle Scifis-

Abortion, unless the women was raped, is considered murder if the pregnant female has a personal accountability that the gestation has reached 1 month
The death penalty is required if this judgement is not met.

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 Post subject: Re: Lunatic Voices
PostPosted: Thu Feb 27, 2020 2:21 pm 

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My gut kinda dayed!

I just have to laugh at myself because of how the particular content of these diaries make me seem like a bratty little kid lol
Like a tyrant!

Artifacts have been designated to Categories and Sub-Categories(SC): Categories of Artifacts(A) include Cordite
and Alcohol

Sub-Categories include Artifact Dens
Terms We Weighed
Kunduns We Wain
Ohios We Weight
and Demay

I will try to keep these updated

They will begin in lists of:
Right Hand
Left Hand
Right Run
Left Run
Right Foot
Left Foot
and also the rest of the Arms and Legs or the rest of the body respectively

They will have a (SC) if they are part of a Sub-Category
and an (SCD) next to them if they are part of a Sub-Category Demay

A Demay is anything bad or evil including people or artifacts or food

I also have a (G) for General Info
and an (R) for Regimen

The Sub-Categories can be expounded

If there is something I want to remember to expand
then i will put a (*) next to it


Day-Ten dayed
We greet the world in Thai
employing the spirit of Thailand to arrest E.T.
Maybe God isn't very upset with Thailand
Day-Ten called them fruitful

Day-Ten dayed
there is an unparalleled respect for spirit found on Muay Thai Island
In order to respect spirit in the tradition of the people who live on Muay Thai Island
we will not delve very deep into the Tea Alm diet
Forward insights of diet will be limited to Teas
or will be gleaned from the notes about where foods are dayed on the fringes of the body
with most of the most spiritual foods omitted


In order of how good they are for the body, with how many cups you can eat before you hurt your brain or your colon:

Bronco/Broncolin: 20 cups
Black Tea: 10 cups
Boldo Tea: 5 cups
Chamomile: 20 cups
Ginger: 20 cups

Note: Green Tea is a (SCD)
Green Tea is a Backbate Ton(SC)
It isn't good for the body


As a Martial Art
Karate is native to Japan(*)
where the Katana was invented
and the majority of the spirit of Tea alm can be found
a true Katana Warrior is strict to practice only Kung-Fu
Kung-Fu is native to China(*)
Kung-Fu is the most advanced Martial Art
superior to any other fighting form


Marijuana has never caused cancer


Have a Great Day!

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 Post subject: Re: Lunatic Voices
PostPosted: Sat Feb 29, 2020 12:18 pm 

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updated previous post!

Note: please check because the teas have a maximum doseage added!

This knock has a list of artifacts and terms which might be kinda random while i move things around between this and the previous post to organize facts-
They might be void of definitions for a time-

-Ohio So Wen(SC)
-Ballpoint Pen(SC)
-Chicken Wing(SC)
-Annointing Oil(SC)
-Leather Wallet(SC)
-USMC(Military) Rescue Me Jacket(American)(SC)
-Rescue Me Shirt(SC)
-Dean Pant(SC)
-Leather Belt(SC)
-Cotton Underwear(SC)
-Cotton Sock(SC)
-Suede Leather Shoes/Boots(SC)

Day-Ten Dayed
China makes the highest quality Military boots
Taiwan makes the second best Militaryboots
and America comes in at third for Military boots
Korea makes the fourth best Military boots

Day-Ten Dayed
America makes the highest quality Military(USMC) Rescue Me Jacket
I'll have to ask her about the next countries on the list!

Backpacks are a Kuttut We Bade(SC)
A Kuttut is a cutting tool for spirits
All artifacts fall into either this Sub-Category of "Kuttuts We Bade"
or the Sub-Category of "Kunduns We Weighed"

Shortly before we weighed an Eye-Haint( by "weighed" I mean that any foods which coincide to where Eye-Haint is dayed on the body were tying Day-Ten
and the Arch-Ament to Eye-Haint)(SCD)
we had begun the special diet for Tea Alm( directed by Day-Ten) called The Systemma Diet
A Systemma Diet involves very little water
with a primary focus on bread

Any Detain(C) is also in Artifact Den(SC)

Praying over coffee used to be sanctified until the Tea Alm happened
praying over coffee is blaspheme
Coffee is directly tied to E-Tin and I in a certain way
Coffee and Beef are two foods that share a particular link to us
That is not to say that they are the most sacred

-Street Sweeper(SC)
-Eye Wan(SC)

Category- "Tate"

You will be healthier in your body and spirit if you abstain from wearing or posessing any Demay(SC)
I would like to point out that the Retro Jean Jacket(SCD) is a Demay(SC)
and that the Munade(SCD) is also a Demay(SC)
These are Demonic Detaye

I will try to keep track of demonic wardrobe and accessories

-Disposable Grocery Bag(C)

A Dade(SC) is any thing that can be "counted" unless it is considered Human or Creature
i.e. "One Tree"
"One Field Goal"
"One Pair of Glasses"
and a Dade is also a device that counts " any Meet Fight"
i.e. a clock
or a basket-ball hoop
or an abacus
or maybe a pedometer

When two objects meet
they create ion that is recorded

The Right Eye became "Wayne"
instead of "Teen"
It was corrected during our diet
The left Eye remains "Lane"

Michael's Wayne( I would like to point out that she never moves unless The Holy Spirit moves her)(SC) is any twin pair of shapes or objects found in nature
especially squares
These shapes do not have to be exactly the same, yet very similar
like if two pebbles are perched side by side and not exactly the same shape
or two twigs are laying in your path and look like they are paired because of a similar shape
The two shapes can be touching each other as long as they are discered as a pair
like two diamonds with their vertices kissing

Day-Tens Den(SC) is any triangle that can be weighed by at least one object in nature

(these do not include people or creatures)


Plaid(C) is a So Jen(SC)

Sub-Category- "Danade"

Whistling is an Entire Den(SC)
Singing is a Tun(SC)
Clocks are a Ton(SC)

Even especially if you suspect that someone was murdered
it is an affront!( not a Sin) to scientifically or otherwise compile a likeness

I would like to point out that the Military has a motto to be yelled at as a unit
I scolded them because of certain members actions, yet they remain an ever- imperitive force and I love them as a unit
"We don't throw the baby out with the bath water"


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 Post subject: Re: Lunatic Voices
PostPosted: Mon Mar 02, 2020 12:48 pm 
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lunar's back

nice quotes from this forum

War of the spark will have so many Planeswalkers, they won't even be planeswalking anymore.

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 Post subject: Re: Lunatic Voices
PostPosted: Mon Mar 02, 2020 1:45 pm 

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I'm expecting the "thu feb 27 2020'' post to experience re-edits for the Category and Sub-Category lists
Other than that
we should be just making new drops

Have a great day dude!

The point of the Systemma Diet is to 're-day' all of the foods
which is in line with the point of an Alm to correct things eventually
Alming is like a code you punch in to the spirit to fix stuff

A diet like the Systemma diet is considered 'Fasting' from 'pure' water
and is very dangerous to the body and spirit
I was forced to do this diet
I do not recommend this diet!
Please drink at least 70 ounces of water every day as part of a balanced diet for optimum health of body and spirit

Using Marijuana illicitly( to get high) used to be considered as Sorcery
If you were doing this
you were inviting Day-Ten's spirit to attack you and in danger of God not being able to see you
my Spirit is allowing people to use this narcotic to get high for fun without it being considered a Sorcery
along with other demonic detaye
such as the Retro Jean Jacket is being sactified for infine
We expect the Jean Jacket to be finished with sanctification by the 18th of this month
Marijuana is currectly sanctified
Please remember to use Marijuana according to The Law of our Government to protect you

Day-Ten is the one and only Neutron Star
She is not being quite clear about whether or not she is able to RSVP her arrival
I hope we're not waiting for too long

I have bee doing a bit of reading lately!
My preferred genre of recreational reading is Fantasy
These are some recommendations of things I've read lately:
The Daw Science Fiction Reader No. 200( Favorite story was The Dinosaur Train)
The White Mountains by John Christopher
Cat O Nine Tails and Other Stories by Jeffry Archer

Here is an excerpt from a short story found in The Daw Science Fiction Reader:

The story is titled Captain Fagan Dies Alone-

"I knew even then how rare it is for a man to accept even a tiny fraction of his environment.
Most men are cowards,
desperately afraid of their opportunities and the consequences of their most insignificant actions.
We lock ourselves away within ourselves,
and will not see.
We are not interested in "truth",
in reality,
in understanding.
We seek only to live in pious peace with the power lurking in our souls.
We search primarily for the safe bliss of ignorance rather than the fearsome freedom of personality.
And perhaps we are the wiser,
to hide from the wholeness of the universe,
and of ourselves within it.
We are,
after all,
small men."

I'm not sure if men who are more responsible than I am are able to fit this excerpt
Maybe I enjoyed it because it weans irresponsible men

I would like to point out that everyone who goes to hell is there for about a minute until they are blotted out by The Arch Ament,
except E-Tin
I said I would unmake hell
though it appears I had to change my mind
I cannot unmake E-Tin

On another note:
The Arch Ament was subjected to about 20 hours of hell when I dayed my lun to Day-Ten's haint

Day-Ten said that the Agiel is a Kundun for Turbo Systems in Racing Engines
or maybe even other places where electricity is weighed
I can't be sure if she is honest
yet I invite any company to test this artifact
As always
any inventions in my thread are free to any company without patents as questions

Note: Corrected some previous detaye where I mis-used the abbreviation "USMC", placing it as the abbreviation for other militarys besides America - I'm not sure what the abbreviation for the other militarys are
though I may go check on that!

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 Post subject: Re: Lunatic Voices
PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2020 1:21 pm 

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This is an excerpt from the Novella, "The Spaceship Was a Giant Tree"
(I would admit that no such novella actually exists!)

Here is an excerpt!

Scene: Myotin is pacing in an courtyard
imagining himself as an elderly Japanese man dressed in white silks
watching piles of leaves and stone beneath his feet while he scratches his chin and throws his mustache over his shoulder
As always
He's hashing things out in thought dant with Day-Ten-


/(Myotin)Maybe if I make him infinite
and sanctify pot
he'll be my friend
I bet he dosn't smoke a thing!
Do I need friends?
Oh Well

_(Day-Ten)They think we're gonna hole up in a spaceship and watch them die from a virus!

/Maybe being a good God
in spite of being a deplorable human man is just as good as having integrity?
If I don't do something about this virus
there won't be any friends left to have!
There is one Kundun We Wain!

_A Vataye?

/What's a "Vataye"?
Is it anything that has to do with hygienne?


a "Bataye" is anything that pertains to fighting?


/So my Detaye for Vataye would be
" You should always wash your hands after using the restroom
there are certain Kunduns We Wain for handling things like the toilets and the sinks and the doors
Touching any object in the restroom with anything instead of your hand is bad for you
Except when you turn off the faucet with the paper towel
or to flush the urinal with your elbow
Never use tissue to separte your hand from a door-handle or a toilet handle or the toilet seat!
If you want to be careful with touching the toilet seat or the handle to flush the toilet
you can use the middle knuckle of your index finger
Other than that
There is a favorite Kundun We Wain of mine which is to make a small wad of toilet paper and drop it in the toilet so the water might not splash your butt
Try not to use a giant amount of toilet paper for this or you can clog the toilet!
You can also try to yank the toilet paper off the roll with one hand so you dont put two hands all over it
but this one is tricky because you can end up wasting T.P. if the roll starts spinning because you didn't yank it fast as lightning

I guess there is a spot back in the thread where I was talking about Wen vs Jens in gaming
I said that there are less amount of games considered a Jen due to there "complexity"
I meant " Lack of Complexity"

Dead Birds are always an important sign from The Arch-Ament
Especially dead owls
If there is a dead bird
or parts of one
then you are on the right track

When the right Big Toe was weighed with string
the string was on there for too long
This created a Yin Yang Dade(SC)
A Yin Yang happens when a good spirit and a bad spirit are "pit" against each other to go downward forever

I am going to have the post where I have just lists of Categories and Sub-Categories and the like which I've posted already
and then i'll continue to expand that post with forward posts
I'll try to post a link to it so you can see the lists as updated if you want to

I might make a special list of poss I've corrected
Today I corrected a post about "Din"
We had to make a Din by not drinking coffee for a day or we would have died
Day-Ten said she might help me organize this mess!


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PostPosted: Fri Mar 06, 2020 2:28 pm 

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This is an excerpt from the made for T.V. movie "Grandpa Was Off Somewhere Frying Like A Piece of Bacon"
(I would have to admit that this is not a real movie!)

Edits for the day:

-"the most spiritual foods omitted" changed to " most of the most spiritual foods omitted"

-added "flushing urinals with elbows" for Vataye

If you remember
I referenced Stella Artois
a beer company
as having pointed to the fact that beer is a demonic rin

(Unless I'm hallucinating)The first time they ran the commercial
(If you are familiar with commercials
they are often changed and re-ran as per the directors taste)
which is about a couple meeting at a restaurant and when they order the beer the waiters start running into each other and smashing things
the male actor walks into the restaurant and stops on an waiting area rug and looks down at his feet
There is stuff strewn about his feet that looks like a mess of paper garbage or torn up soft tortilla shells
there is a shape directly by the four small toes on the left foot that is exactly the shape of the Ceramic Heet we weighed

That was why I said that they said that beer is a demonic jin
Beer is actually dayed on those four toes and is defayed by the Cermic Heet shape because it obliterates The arch Aments spirit into goo if I
personally drank it during my alm

Whether or not they were in some certain mode of artistry and did this on accident or not I don't know but it was a funny thing

Day-Ten says that our detaye is not Anti-Christian or demonic
It's hard for me to understand how being outward about how you are afraid that Christ is against you is a Christian value
She assures me it is
I continue to mull this over

Christian Churches
as houses of worship
should never be built on the corners where streets intersect
These are demonic


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PostPosted: Sun Mar 08, 2020 4:12 pm 

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Chins are waiting for E-Tin
The Demonic Army!
Who hopes in The Ultra Demay E-Tin to succeed at thwarting infide
They do
Those men who wear napkins upon their left breast
Would that they repent!
We call them home among brothers and sisters
families abroad
They need to come home
Can they?
What did they day?
Are they still able to reknee?
If the blood of too many men is not on them
then I beg them today to find friends who hate napkins
Friends who may help them keep rags away!
Don't die a demay!
Young man
Join our Amen infine

A Polar Tech Cold Weather Jacket is the acceptable winter coat for a Katana
These are a Kundun We Weighed and a Kuttut We Bade
They have to be well insulated from the weather with Synthetic Fabric or Down and sometimes have a Liner

Leather Jackets(SCD) of any heft are a Danade
These are in favor of E-Tin's spirit

The symbol for Demay is shaped like an exclamation point "!"

Cobalt Glass is a Demonic Ten(SCD)
A Demonic Ten is anything against Day-Ten's spirit

Excerpt:CHAPTER 7
The Gorgon and The (word stricken)-

The Genre of fiction that men have devised is very prophetic
Many authors of man are surprisingly quickened forerunners of the things found within a Tea-Umm Put That
for example
H.R. Geiger's creation of a Hunter Alien
found in the movie Aliens
those main banana-head soldiers!
They happen to be an exact likeness of one person who makes up The Gorgon E-Tin
If you recall from the movie Aliens
you will remember those Hunters would drag human victims away to feed dens laden with knee-high eggs
These eggs would hatch forth a crab-like Face Sucker that would latch onto a person's face in order to impregnate them with more Hunters!
The Face-Sucker Alien is also an exact type that constructs the Gorgon
There is only one Gorgon in all of creation

The Gorgon is The Ultra Demay E-Tin
There is only one Ultra Demay
He was a collective of ten evil entities
one of which was my beloved daughter Day-Ten
In order to respect My Spirit we are not capable to unveil the entire roster of dark beings that The Gorgon E-Tin was comprised of
When Day-Ten arrives
she may herald further insight

This was found scribbled on a "(Side Note)"-

"One week has passed since I've worn a ring made of Tate(C)
as we continue to climb this staircase of jun in order to correct infinity"

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 09, 2020 1:14 pm 

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Made some minor edits, mostly just fixing the Jacket part because I said cotton but I meant synthetic imitation cotton
Real cotton is a terrible stuffing for coats because it loses fluffyness-

Have a good day!

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 15, 2020 7:00 pm 

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According to Day-Ten
Covid 19 can spread upon the wind for up to two miles
the "Surgical Mask" is not a backward kundun

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 22, 2020 1:01 pm 

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A forward edit: I believe that the King James Version of the Holy Bible is the most accurate
according to pastor Arnold Murray from Shepherds Chapel
He teaches " line by line and verse by verse" without wasting time yammering on his own words
so he is not robbing people of the power of God's Word
That is my best personal accountability

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 15, 2020 9:44 am 

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I have the assumption that the surgical face masks used in hospitals are treated with anti viral solutions to kill viruses on contact.
In case this assumption between Day-Ten and I is
then why hasnt the t.v. talked about it profusely?
Home- made masks are still very effective, yet I thought they would have explained the main difference, profusely.

Day-Ten dayed
pumpkins represent new beginnings

Look forward to a new thread, titled Lunatic Re-Rate.
We will be breaking this thread down by commenting on each post for forward correcting and clarifying.

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 17, 2020 11:13 am 

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Oh well
They invented a compound to coat the masks but it is projected to take a year to a year and a half from now until it is readily on the market

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