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Round 9
Coveted Jewel 50%  50%  [ 1 ]
House of Cards 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Put on a Pedestal 50%  50%  [ 1 ]
Hot Potato 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Front Stabber 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Total votes : 2
Total voters : 2
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PostPosted: Wed May 18, 2016 7:33 pm 
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Criteria 9: Make a dexterity based card like chaos orb or one of those silly cards where you balance cards on stuff.

Aaarrrgh wrote:
Coveted Jewel
:t: : Add one mana of any color to your mana pool.

Dibs (At the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player may call "Dibs" and name this card. If a player does, the first player to touch this card gains control of it)

Despite what many people think, Goblins do have a clear concept of ownership. They just don't think it applies to anyone else.

House of Cards
(Art: A politician building a house of cards at his desk. There is a sign on his desk that says, "The Tarmogoyf stops here". In the background is a picture of Rafiq of the Many dressed as George Washington)
Instant (C)
You build a house of cards, using cards from the top of your library. If you build a house of cards three or more rows high, you may destroy up to two target Humans. If the house falls with less than three rows built, put all cards used this way into your graveyard and sacrifice a creature.

YingLung wrote:
Put on a Pedestal
Balance target permanent card on a die anywhere on the playing surface. If it's owner tips it over, exile that card.

SimicMimic wrote:
Hot Potato |
(Art: Similar to the art for Demonfire, however the shade is replaced with a chef, and the fire itself is surrounding a potato)
Multikicker , toss Hot Potato from one hand to the other.
If you fail to catch Hot Potato, it deals X damage to any creatures or players it lands on (Even if they are part of a different game) and may not be kicked again. Any player that catches Hot Potato gains control of it.

makuvex wrote:
Round 9

Front Stabber

Creature — Human Soldier Illusion?
Diversion — Whenever Front Stabber attacks, flip two coins simultaneously. If you can catch both in mid air, Front Stabber can't be blocked this turn.

altimis wrote:
I never take anytihng Lily says seriously, except for when I take it personally. Then it's personal.
WotC_Ethan wrote:
People, buy more stuff.


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