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 Post subject: Mysteries of Mesozuul
PostPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 12:08 pm 
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Well, it seems I've gotten that itch again to try and dust off that set I've been working on-and-off again forever and brush off the debris that fresh eyes can recognize. I have some ideas that I still sort of need to pin down and some changes that need made, thanks to release of recent sets like Ixalan eating into a little bit of my flavor space. Either way, I'd like some suggestions and I figure that at least documenting this process in a centralized thread instead of across several pop-up threads would be a better way to organize my thoughts.

With that said, on with the show!

What is Mysteries of Mesozuul

Mysteries of Mesozuul is an amalgamation of many thing, but more than most, it is a set that was born of a way to give the Dauthi race, first (and basically only) seen in Rath, a true home, much like Zendikar did for the Kor. To that end I have developed the world of Mesozuul and set the Dauthi there as Predator-like hunters, hunting large and dangerous game animals as well as rag-tag band of inter-palanar refugees that have found themselves trapped on this deadly plane. The feel and tag-line for the set would be something primal and grim like "Hunted or Hunter?"

The set would support three-ish "factions" that would drive the conflict. The Dauthi would feature heavily in , the wildlife would appear in most colors, and the refugees would band together in .

What is the setting like?

Mesozzul is a very wild plane. It evokes the same feelings of a combination of Alara shards Jund and Naya, with maybe a bit of Zendikar thrown in with long subsumed ruins and strange black obelisks. What helps set Mesozuul apart however is its Umbral Ring, a band of utter blackness that cuts across the sky. It is from this ring that the Dauthi descend to the plane below to hunt.

Who are the players in this deadliest game?

The Dauthi are very nearly the apex predators of this world, having left it long ago for the mysterious habitations within the Umbral Ring that encircles the plane. They are a dark and terrifying people, with a culture built on glorious trophy hunting for social status. They descend from the Umbral Ring in hunting parties and either return victorious, or not at all.

The Refugees (INSERT BETTER COLLECTIVE NAME HERE) are, to their knowledge, the last known survivors of Dominaria, having been one of Urza's many back-up plans should the Phyrexian Invasion succeed. During the events of the Invasion block, an inter-planar ark of sorts was assembled to preserve a reasonable mix of Dominarian races and cultures. As Yawgmoth's deathly shadow entered the plane, the ark, and those in suspended animation within it, were shunted into the Blind Eternities. As could be expected, things went horribly awry and it is only just recently that the ark has emerged from the maelstrom between worlds, crashing down on Mesozuul. Those inside have awakened to a brave new world, full of danger and mystery.

The Flora and Fauna of Mesozuul have long been adapting to the predation of the Dauthi. Creatures both beautiful and terrible to behold roam the wilds. Vines and other vegetation have grown quite the taste for flesh and blood. It is primal survival at its finest.

What are the set's mechanics?

Morbid: Morbid will be centered in and be a representative mechanic of the Dauthi.

Vanishing: Vanishing will appear loosely in all colors and basically represent creatures being hunted. When a creature's time is up, it dies, triggering Morbid, and see where this flavorfully is going. Vanishing will appear mostly on monstrous creatures in the set and also maybe a few "red-shirt" designated refugee-faction members.

Allies?: With Morbid technically able to go on spells, I'm not really hurting for a "spell mechanic." And a noticeable Ally theme in would make sense on a flavor level. That being said, I am greatly considering Recover as the set really has a "let the bodies hit the floor" mentality to it.

Set Skeleton


That all out of the way, any thoughts on my Allies vs. Recover conundrum? Anything else that sort of sticks out?

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