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Poll ended at Mon Jun 24, 2019 6:45 pm
Riorvard 18%  18%  [ 2 ]
Eph 27%  27%  [ 3 ]
LilyStorm 55%  55%  [ 6 ]
Total votes : 11
Total voters : 11
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 21, 2019 6:45 pm 
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LilyStorm wrote:
A plane that no longer moves. One side is completely frozen and the other is a hellish wasteland where the sun never sets.

TPzombieW wrote:
Card Type Matters (not subtype, I'm talking the stuff Tarmogoyf cares about)

This is a runoff poll as to who should get the first new card added to Starstill Reborn. The criterion was to create a Blue Mythic with the same name as the set itself.

Riorvard wrote:

If this is your first turn of the game, exile Starstill, then restart the game, except cards named Starstill that are in exile remain exiled. You are the first player in the restarted game. Otherwise, draw a card.

Eph wrote:
Starstill -
World Enchantment
When Starstill enters the battlefield, each player chooses a phase. (Phases are beginning, main precombat, combat, main postcombat and ending)
Skip your next turn: Choose a phase. Any player may play this ability, but only once each turn.
Players skip all phases that have not been chosen.

LilyStorm wrote:
This turn, each main phase and combat phase are replaced with an extra upkeep step.
The night seemed to last forever, then we realized a week had passed.


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PostPosted: Fri Jun 21, 2019 10:18 pm 
Conqueror of Eldangard
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TPmanW wrote:
Okay. Let's do this.
:cracks fingers:
:jumps in place:
:talks himself up:

Riorvard Interesting design space- making you go first. But it's only impactful in your starting hand, and then only if you're going 2nd.
Eph - Presents an appropriately agonizing choice. I like this. Not sure how it would really play out, but it is pretty cool.
LilyStorm - Now that's something you don't see every... ever. Extra upkeeps? Phase replacement? I love the novel mechanic and the sheer Johnny factor, but it doesn't feel "Starstill". I guess it's disruptive and has a "wear of time" feel, but I'd like it more under a different name. 3 extra upkeeps could do crazy things. Or you just Fog + Silence them.
I choose EPH
Would like if the card offed itself once the last step is chosen though.
Does skipping end phase remove the cleanup step? I think that's its own thing.

Cato wrote:
CotW is a method for ranking cards in increasing order of printability.

*"To YMTC it up" means to design cards that have value mostly from a design perspective. i.e. you would put them in a case under glass in your living room and visitors could remark upon the wonderful design principles, with nobody ever worring if the cards are annoying/pointless/confusing in actual play


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