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PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2015 1:05 pm 

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cortez442 wrote:
I've playing an Jeskai Controll / Goodstuff Deck lately. Thought I report it and my expirience with it. The game is essentially a WU Controll Deck that splashes Red for some Cards that can remove efficiant or close out the game in a few turns. The Trilands are just glorified gates, that present aditional colors for the Obelisk. Its not uncommon that you have all 5 Modes active.


Jeskai Controll

A deck for Magic 2015.

60 Cards (9 :creature: , 27 :instant: , 24 :land:)

Cost 3 cards
Cost 15 cards
Wall of Omens0/4
Young Pyromancer2/1
Think Twice
Cost 5 cards
Chasm Skulker1/1
Anger of the Gods
Cost 3 cards
Cost 2 cards
Baneslayer Angel5/5
Traumatic Visions
Cost 5 cards
Inferno Titan6/6
Obelisk of Alara
Planar Cleansing
Cost 1 card
Kozilek, Butcher of Truth12/12
Cost 2 cards
Land24 cards
Arcane Sanctum
Crumbling Necropolis
Frontier Bivouac
Jungle Shrine
Mystic Monastery
Seaside Citadel

My Resukts with this Deck over the last 2 days is:

Won Games
W - WB Lifegain
W - Mono G Elves
W - Golgari Spiderspawn / Graveyard
W - BW Vamps
W - Temur Badstuff
W - Mardu Heroic
W - 5? Color Bonewand
W - Mono white Aggro / Midrange / Lifegain
w - Abzan Goodstuff
W - Mono white Aggro
W - UB Discard (why would anyone even play this bad deck?)

Lost Games
L - UW Aggro (I was at 8 and the opponent was at 6 damage on bard. His last card was a pestermite with what he tapped down my 6th land. I couldnt stop the timer to counter it so he just smashed in with 8 and the cleansing in my hand was stranded. Of corse Aggro vs Controll will always be close at times.)
L - BW Lifegain

Obviously your record suggests that the deck is doing well as constructed, but there are some interesting aggro elements in your deck that I wouldn't have expected. Pyromancer and skulker seem odd and I wonder how they do for you in practice. Pyromancer is ok at helping stave off a token rush from your opponent, though your best card for that is anger of the gods or planar cleansing which will wipe your own pyromancer + tokens as well. As a closer, a post-wipe pyromancer seems OK but pretty slow. Similar problem with the skulker, though at least that leaves behind some tokens after you wipe a board.

If I was to test some modifications, it would probably be dropping the pyromancer, skulker, and cloudshift (i don't see a lot of targets for that here and it's a poor way to save your skulker as it resets the counters without triggering the death ability). I'd add in some shocks and replace the creatures with some late game pressure that wins faster. Maybe charmbreaker devils, which i personally love in control decks in this format because it can often swing for 12 the turn after you cast it.

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