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First off, I want to say this is more for fun then competitive. The deck only has a win rate of about 55%, and it will be lower until you get to know the deck. Still, out of about 100 games, I have had 7-8 turn 3 wins, and most wins games by Turn 5 or so. The issue is that it is a creature based combo, and it can be easy to disrupt. The deck has a bit of resilience, but not a ton. A control deck that tapps out when you have 5 mana could be dead, but an aggro deck with good removal will be a pain.

First, here is the deck:

4 Pollywog Symbiote
4 Birgi, God of Storytelling
4 Sea-Dasher Octopus
4 Vadrok, Apex of Thunder
4 Insatiable Hemophage
4 Dreamtail Heron
4 Shock
4 Open the Omenpaths
4 Valakut Awakening
4 See the Truth
4 Blightstep Pathway
4 Clearwater Pathway
3 Island
5 Mountain
4 Riverglide Pathway

The flex card is Shock. I like the early protection to maybe buy a turn or two, and it is an alternate win condition. You could replace with another 2 Drop though, the best of which I think is Threnody Singer for the Flash and some defense.

The combo is Open the Omenpaths and Vadrok. Basically, you can mutate infinite times with these two cars, because every time you mutate Vadrok, you get 4 mana. The card draw is See the Truth, which gets you 3 cards if played with Vadrok, Dreamtail heron which draws a card every mutate, Pollywog that lets you cycle to dig for cards and Awakening which lets you cycle non mutate cards. Birgi's artifact can help as well, but it rarely comes up. Birgi itself is a decent way to generate mana, but since it is all red, it is not as useful as it could be.

The win is repeated mutates with Hemophage. Alternatively, you can use shock, but generally by that time, a hemopahge is better unless all 4 are at the bottom of the library.

The turn 3 win goes like this.

T2 play Pollywog.
T3 Mutate Vadrok on it with Omenpath and/or cycle Omenpath. Get another Mutate creature and rinse and repeate. The cycling of Pollywog makes this easier then it may first seem. Also, when you can skip a cycle of making mana, use a draw spell.

It is much more consistent then it should be, but like I said, very vulnerable to disruption since it is creature based.

Just wanted to put it out there because this is the fastest combo deck I have seen in standard for a while and I find it fun. Even the trickery decks take longer to win, even if it can effectively win the game often on T2. I have beaten a few of those that get of the T2 combo, but can not win before I get my combo off.

This is NOT a deck to rank up with. I mean, I have almost hit mythic with it, but if ranking up was my goal, this is not the deck I would choose.

YouTube ... BgwzjA-FsQ

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