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 Post subject: [Standard] Deep Blue
PostPosted: Wed Oct 14, 2020 6:19 pm 
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I don't have this list totally fleshed out yet, but I think the skeleton I have is a good starting point for something fun and silly.

4 Corridor Monitor
4 Arcanist's Owl
3-4 Sublime Epiphany
2-3 Nyx Lotus
2-4 Midnight Clock
1-2 Inscription of Insight

4 Witching Well
2-3 Omen of the Sea
2-4 Emry, Lurker of the Loch
0 or 4 Fae of Wishes
2 Sea Gate Restoration

1-2 Thassa's Oracle
1-2 Folio of Fancies
2-4 Stonecoil Serpent

4 Ashiok's Erasure
4 Jwari Disruption
2-4 Water Knot

X Islands
1-2 Mystic Sanctuary

Basically, it's a High Tide/Eggs style combo deck that uses Corridor Monitor to untap Lotus and get tons of Mana, then draw lots of cards and use Sublime Epiphanies to bounce and copy Monitors and Owls as needed to keep the combo going. The deck can go infinite by bouncing Clock with the exile trigger on the stack, getting back the Clock and all Epiphanies and drawing a new 7 cards. If you have instant speed draw and are about to wheel with Clock, play them and then immediately respond with the Clock+Epiphany so that they resolve after your shuffle.

Epiphany should almost always bounce/copy Monitors; Owls should be copied rather than bounced, unless you are trying to set up a massive dig post-Clock in order to prevent fizzling. In that case copy/bounce Owl or splitting 1 Owl and 1 Monitor is good.

Don't hesitate to sac Wells and Omens. You won't need two or three extra devotion once you start the combo.

There's very little to do against early aggro except to play your 1/3s and 1/4s as walls; don't be afraid to do this, because it's easy to use them later anyway.

Be careful when going off because the steps can be tedious and also Arena starts breaking around ~200-300 floating mana. I'm uncertain if this is because of the amount of mana, the board state, or some combination of the two, because I was only testing whether the deck could actually go infinite and I just played an Oracle once broken button presses and triggers started to get really problematic.

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