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 Post subject: Kindergarten (videogame)
PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2018 5:26 pm 
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It's bloody genius ! literally
It's like Undertale, but completely turned on top of it's head.
Or like Majora's Mask crossed with Bully and with a lot "classic quest" stuff mixed in. Oh, and about 89% of principal's secret ingredient :V.
It's one of those games you don't want to hear anything about before playing. SPOILERS ARE REAL. Instead of watching reviews or LP's, just get it. It's not as brutal as some other games relying on surprise. Most people that could've been traumatized by a certain dating sim can probably play this to the end and enjoy it without much trouble.

(Ugh, this reads like advertisement. I suck at recommending stuff.)

Literally Grass
[art - a close-up of a lawn]
Creature - Plant (C)
Yep, it's literally grass. Nothing more than that.

Goblin Cyclops
Creature - Goblin Warrior (U)
While Goblin Cyclops is attacking, defending player chooses how to distribute damage dealt by it.
It isn't a species or something, just a goblin with one of his eyes pecked out by a bigger goblin.

Oh Faka Tornado
Creature - Elemental (R)
Creatures with Flying block this creature, if able.
Whenever an another creature is dealt damage by this creature, tap it. The next time it would untap, it will remain tapped instead.
Oh Faka Tornado sucks everyone in and compels everyone to say it's name out loud.

Legendary Creature - Human (R)
: Investigate.
Sacrifice 5 clues: Look at all cards you own in exile. You may cast one of them without paying it's mana cost.
Crushed by her brother's disappearance, Lily continues her silent search.

Legendary Creature - Human Rogue (R)
First Strike
Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under an opponent's control, if it's converted mana cost is more than 3, it's controller sacrifices it unless they pay life equal to half of it's converted mana cost, rounded up. If they do, you gain that much life.
"Something is going on in this school. Everyone knows it, but no one talks about it. I won't go down without a fight."

Legendary Creature - Human (R)
Hexproof, Soulbond
Nugget can only attack or block if he together with a creature it's paired with and with no other creatures.
"Nugget forgot a lot of things. But Nugget does not wish to forget."

Legendary Creature - Human (R)
Deathtouch, Soulbond
Creatures paired with Cindy have protection from everything except Cindy.
: Cindy deals 1 damage to another target creature or player. Any player may activate this ability.
She truly cares about you more than about her other 7 boyfriends she had this week.

Legendary Creature - Human Artificer (R)
, Pay 2 life: Tap target creature.
, Pay 3 life: Draw a card.
, Pay 20 life: Search your library for a card, reveal it, and play it without paying it's mana cost. Shuffle your library.
"Morning time ? I don't have time for that nonsense. If you don't want to buy or sell something, go away."

Legendary Creature - Human (R)
Jerome can't attack or block unless you control an Equipment artifact.
"Sweet yo-yo !"

Ms. Applegate
Legendary Creature - Human Wizard (R)
At the beginning of your upkeep, if Ms. Applegate is the only creature on the battlefield, you win the game.
: Detain target creature unless it's controller pays . If they do, put a +1/+1 counter on Ms. Applegate.
"Now... I go home early !!!"

nice quotes from this forum

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2018 5:49 pm 
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i'm kinda sold.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2018 5:51 pm 
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I missed “video” in the title and just read game. So I thought this was supposed to be a new forum game for a solid three minutes and was confused out of my everloving mind.

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