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PostPosted: Tue Oct 08, 2019 8:02 pm 
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Very explosive, very fun.
The only possible trim I can foresee anytime maybe soon is if Stormfist causes too much advantage to my Op. I had one out the other night and admit I winced every time they drew a card but on the bigger, other hand it was instrumental with it's menace and an Embercleve to bring lethal down.
As always, I'm up for questions about inclusion as in, "hey... on the Discord the other day you were running four Circles and now you only have two..." or anything similar. :evil:
It's not horribly expensive and in this "meta" it's performing wonderfully. Got me through silver 2 and 1 the other night on one of my only ladder run nights. Most evenings I merely get in my dailys but decided the other night to play a bit longer and really get into the meat of this build. Well worth the time.
Checklands rotating out put a crimp in three color decks but I think I've got the mana base as tuned in as I can, as frustrating as it can get... but not too awful much.
You may have to wait a turn or two before plans start hatching but when they do.... whooo..... Look Out! :evil:

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